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September 11, 2003


Eddie Hoag

I tripped and fell at work going up some steps, before doing a face plant I got both hands in front of me and landed with all my weight on my hands. This blew out my rotator cuffs on both sholders and I ended up having 7 sugries on my sholders, 4 on the right and 3 on the left. It takes about6 months for a rotator cuff injury tohealI had my sugriesback to backand it took therapy 3 times a weekfor the time inbetween to get my one arm strong enoughnto have the next one done. Under these new rules because it was one injury I would receive 4 visits per surgery. in this situation I wouldn't even have the stiches out of one arm before the doctor would have to do the next sugery. In a case like this I would be 100% disabeledin two weeks. both of my arms would be immobilized at the same time. I wouldn't even be able to eat or clean myself after going to the bathroom. I can't imagine the conditionIwould be in. I would be hospitalized and possibly die under your new system. My last sugery was last June and because I was denied therapyit has taken almost 1 year to get extensionin my left arm. Because of this injury I'll never work again and I was rated at 5% disabeled. I would expect a work comp overhaul like this from someone that was born 1000 years ago. Like animals that are injured that bad you would just euthanize me. Your system is fatalized.
Eddie Hoag

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