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August 09, 2005


Marla K.

I don't know where else to go. I uncovered my former insurance agent's trail of ID theft, missing people with the deeds to their property forged (verified.) He is an insurance agent/estate planner/broker dealer, who preys on clients. Doors are opened with his offers of "help with home repairs."
Not able to understand why the various agencies put more effort into discrediting me than following up on all that I uncovered, I did some more investigating. This man is a former appraiser for the City of Fresno. His "help with home repairs" entails sewer/water line altering.
He has combined the City's "secret sideline" with real estate theft, thereby creating a nightmare that assures HIS protection.
As others are taught how easy it is to "eliminate" people and take their homes and ID over, his entourage continues to grow.
I narrowly escaped before they finished what they began on our properties. It does not appear that the owner of the Laundromat next door was as fortunate. He has not been seen since the same damages were carried out i.e., walls down and up, windows/doors switched, sewer lines relocated. New deed looks forged.
For over 20 yrs, my neighbor was there daily - he has not been seen since. New deed looks forged. (Risk analyst was the last person I saw talking to him. I assume that is why she refused to speak to me.)
Fresno, CA

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